PAPER SURGERY / digital c-prints from crumbled magazine pages / 2005-2013 


Paper Surgery Series is successfully exposed worldwide due to the collaboration with fashion label Comme des Garçons for their advertising campaign spring/summer 2010. As well as collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency for 25-anniversary campaign for Reporters Without Borders, which got short listed for Cannes Golden Lion. The Paper Surgery images made from the crumbled magazine pages represent existential confusion and troubled mind. The faces turned into the swirl of flesh remind viewer about deconstructed Bacon paintings, where the faces and bodies are extension of our confused thoughts and tortured souls. The project also is a critique of a image consumption in our society, glossy magazine “beauty” perception; of the process where personality is lost. Crumbling and folding magazine images in a violent / intense manner give personality back to the otherwise generic photoshoped faces. Project done in collaboration with Stephen j Shanabrook.