BOYS KNOW THAT EITHER YOU BELONG OR YOU DON’T_______from Into the Darkness Series /6′ 10″ min single channel video projection / 2016

/ In the video projections from Into the Darkness Series slide film materials are scanned mechanically overlapping each other, layer by layer, until the image is almost gone. What before was a linearly formatted story, where each still horizontally follows one another, became a Vertical Story / Vertical Movie  with each still stacked on top of each other.

Figurative elements are slowly squeezed out of each still and eventually turn into a dark abstraction. Photo-transparencies are loosing parts of their original story adhesion so the meanings, like the memory itself deteriorates over time. Although as well as in our memory those “dark” areas are not just a blank/black spots. As we witnessed the transformation from figurative to abstract, we know that images are there; that’s what actually makes those areas dark — it’s being full of images/memories.

The Series evokes the famous “Proustian moment”, the madeleine cookie effect described by Marcel Proust’s in his Remembrance of Things Past. The layered image become visual evidence of the moment not just what is perceived, but also how and what is remembered. It is a symbolic reflection of repeated and constant links between perception and memory with its fragmentation / blank spaces /thresholds, its forgotten and coming back to life moments.